A dental chair can combine the sum of all fears…pain, needles, doctors, confined-spaces and loud noises. For patients, this can be attributed to one very specific item – the century old dental drill. Like the patient, dental professionals would prefer alternatives to this aged technology, but for very different reasons. The dental drill is inconsistent with the growing trend of biomimetic dentistry, better known as minimally invasive dentistry, where focus is placed on preserving more of the healthy tooth structure while mitigating the decay. Combining the desires of the patient with the needs of the Dentist is the foundation of our patented system and improved dentistry – welcome to WaterJet



The WaterJet is a patented, revolutionary new dental tool that uses a fluid stream for cavity preparations rather than a drill bit. Unlike air abrasion and hard tissue lasers our technology is not only whisper quiet but substantially faster and more versatile. It truly is unlike any technology on the market



  • ​Patented Water carries removal System

  • A familiar hand piece with no moving parts

  • ​Domestic and Internationally patent-pending Abrasive Cutting Fluid


“This is probably a 100 times faster at removing stain and white spots. You can cut any kind of preparation with this, with the right technique, right angles. You just have to learn the angles and you can cut anything you want. In some practices it will replace the hand piece.” Dr Smith – Midwestern Dental School, AZ

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