• Super Quiet – no drill sound! You can’t hear the WaterJet over the sound of standard suction

  • Faster and more versatile than air abrasion or laser units

  • Recurring revenue stream from patent pending abrasive mixture

  • No drill/micro fractures – extend the longevity of your restorations by starting with a better prep

  • Etched/matte finish – potential for better bond strength and no etching

  • Rounded interior angles in the prep – better success in restorations

  • Simple, elegant user interface – with just a quick glance you can tell the status of the system

  • Better post op experience – no heat, no vibration

  • Highly reduced pain and discomfort

  • Potential that most procedures can be done without shots

  • Easy installation – desktop or cart units, wireless foot pedal

  • Minimally invasive – leave more healthy tooth – Biomimetic Dentistry

  • Greater safety window on soft tissue than current technologies

  • No heat affected zone

  • Implantology improvements- could be used to detoxify Peri-implantitis, no heat zone

  • Potential to remove zirconia more efficiently and effectively than current methods

  • Greater depth control and precision than existing technologies due to intersecting streams

  • Protected technology- Intellectual Property:

    • US 7326054

    • Appl. No. 13/938385

    • Appl. No. PCT/US14/46019

    • Several additional patents in drafting- Domestic and international

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